Centrifugal Pump – Advantage & Disadvantage

The Reason for So Large Use of Centrifugal Pump (Advantage):

  1. Small in size, space saving & less capital costs
  2. Easy for maintenance
  3. No danger creates if discharge v/v is closed while starting
  4. Deal with large volume
  5. Able to work medium to low head
  6. Able to work medium to low viscous fluid

The Dangers of Letting Centrifugal Pump Dry:

  1. Pump gland & bearing damage due to overheating
  2. Shaft misalignment
  3. Seal ring damage
  4. Wear ring damage
  5. Impeller damage

Disadvantage of Centrifugal P/P:

  1. Extra priming P/P requires.
  2. Cannot be able to work high head.
  3. Cannot deal with high viscous fluid.

Priming Pump Is Not Provided With All Centrifugal Pumps:

  • If the suction head of a centrifugal pump is positive or if the pump is used for circulating purpose then priming pump is not required.
  • When the suction head is positive as soon as opening the suction valve the system including suction line is filled with water, this water expels the air in suction side.
  • When the pump is in use of circulation, there almost the same thing happens, so priming is not required or has a very effectiveness.

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